Ways to reduce paper use

In today’s world, we just use way too much paper. The average office employee uses roughly 10,000 sheets of paper each year, thats about $100 worth of paper per employee.

Below are a few tips that you can use to start conserving paper in your office and at home.

  1. Using shredded paper as an insulator and shipping padding. I sell a lot of stuff on eBay and whenever I ship something I use shredded paper as padding.
  2. Use both sides of a piece of paper. I use the front and back side of paper virtually every time, including notebooks, post its, and even legal documents
  3. Create notepads from scrap paper. Cut each sheet of paper into 4′s and staple them together…voila!
  4. Print ready? Double check all your documents before printing, I all to often find a typo after I printed the first time – be smart



  5. Take your name off any mailing lists. It is estimated that over 700 million tons of mail is created via mailing lists and direct mailings, you can opt out by going to: Direct Marketing Association, OptOutPrescreen.com, or CatalogChoice.org.
  6. Reuse old file folders and envelopes. Don’t throw it out, cross it out!
  7. Print only what you need. Don’t print those stupid blank pages with only the URL that trail an article, double check
  8. Save your favorite articles and websites as PDF’s. Pretty self explanatory – don’t print, save it and revisit it
  9. Reformat your documents to reduce the size of the margins. There is a movement afoot called “The Small-Margin Movement” which aims to get the standard margins in Word reduced from 1.25″ to .75″, resulting in about 1.14 trees saved for each ton of paper used for printing.
  10. Reduce the size of any images you have to print. Not only will it save paper, but it will also save you ink cartridges.
  11. Use an Amazon Kindle. This saves trees, frees you of clutter and lugging around a book, convenient, and is also pretty cool
  12. Don’t send out letters. You can use a company like Paperless Post to send out nice invitations and letters