Paperless Office Tips

Once you have decided on the paperless office journey, there are a few things that one must know about going paperless.

It is very important that everyone that you work with or live with is in accordance with your decision to go paperless. Going paperless means a lot of sacrifice and is by no means an easy transition. People are used to doing things a certain way and old habits die slow. It is also not easy to force your decision to go paperless on people, granted there are obvious cost and environmental benefits involved with going paperless but most people have a hard time adapting to the paperless office concept. When you and your coworkers have been sending paper faxes, printing paper, sending mail, making photocopies it is difficult to get used to abolishing the use of paper.


crumpled paper ball

Converting to a paperless office isn’t an overnight phenomenon, this process can take a lot of time, depending on the volume of paper of course but also depending on the compliance of those around you. Going paperless means completely gutting your office  in some cases, and rearranging furniture, office setups, and often times entire work spaces. Its a steady progrssion that will conquer the battle against paper. Don’t attempt to do all the work in one day, partition the work into various file cabinet divisions or genres. If possible, find someone who you can bestow the conversion upon as this is a very labor intensive and laborious job. The indexing and reindexing of countless files is certainly no fun task, but one will quickly realize how useless some of those old files are and quickly free up space.

Since you are now going paperless, it is important to backup everything – I would suggest daily backups of data. Instead of photocopying documents like in the past, it is critical to backup data by keeping a copy of a hard drive, maybe even two copies just in case technology fails. You can also backup your files to a cloud storage site or keep it on your server. Don’t forget to shred any useless documents and recycle whenever you can.

The concept of a paperless office doesn’t really mean completely abolishing the use of paper, it more literally means the consumption and use of a lot less paper. Going completely paperless is certainly possible but in all reality the aim is to significantly curtail the use of paper as well as free up space and banish the paper clutter. There are quite a few paperless office solutions available, discussed in more detail, so it is basically a matter of buckling down and adhering to the creed. However, some documents can never be digitized or converted as they are required by either law to remain on paper, for whatever reason.

Once the paperless office transition is complete the benefits are obvious, though some benefits will become evident with time. Not only is going paperless a great step for your office it is also great for the environment.