Paperless Office Solutions

Here are a few paperless office solutions that will make your life a lot easier when making the conversion:

1. Paperless: Real-World Solutions with Adobe Technology by J.P Terry – a very inspirational book about real life stories of going paperless, the journey of how a paperless office and a paperless life has affected different people. Complete with tips and instructions on going paperless

2. The Myth of the Paperless Office by Abigail J. Sellen - A good read about the possibilities of going paperless as well as some of the myths

3. Paperless Office Printer : I personally will recommend using a scanner that conveniently converts all of your documents into a PDF, the Fujitsu ScanSnap 1500 does that very well

4. Paperless Paperless Office Software: this is THE paperless office software, it is reasonably priced, has a bunch of features and makes digitizing documents, receipts, photos, etc. a snap…awesome product you will use everyday

5. Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 : If you don’t have Adobe then you wont be able to create PDF files, this is a MUST in order to go paperless

6. Paperless Fax : There are a few services out there such as eFax and MyFax that allow for internet faxing, it is really easy to operate and will save you a bunch of paper

7. Paper Shredder : A really good paper shredder is a necessity when you want to get rid of all those unused files and papers, the Intellishredder is a little on the high end but it is a workhorse – it eats up credit cards, cds, magazines, anything you can throw at it.