Paperless Law Office

As nowadays law firms are more and more dependent on legal know-how and many software programs have been installed to help them and also mostly all are on the verge of adopting paperless systems. A Paperless law office has benefits which both the lawyers as well as the clients can enjoy. Lawyers who have adapted themselves to the information technology means can also incorporate the same factor in their offices and striving to make it paperless.

Lawyers normally waste fifteen minutes or more in a day searching for things they can not locate. This means that more than 50 hours of billable time is lost every year! When the office is paper-based then at least 10% of cases have in the minimum one piece of info that can not be detected when required. Thus there are a lot of benefits in a Paperless law office.

The following simple methods will help you to change your office into a Paperless law office:

  1. Scanning the documents and storing instead of Xeroxing is also a good alternative to going paperless as one can then store it in the PC and forward it to colleagues, subordinates, bosses etc.

2.         Organize your present filing system in such a way that it has details of where you had stored or scanned the stuff.  Plan the various ways in which you can name related files, then sort these digital files of your Paperless law office into folders and yourself arrange those folders so that you can easily and clearly identify and access.

3.         Incorporate anti-virus programs, latest updates and secure firewalls and other defence mechanisms so that your data is stored and no harm comes its way. Periodic taking backup is also an important measure to be taken so that if anything happens to the data you have the backup to restore the same and you do not lose important files.

4.  Noting down the workings of paperless law office in a manual form along with the policies on scanning, registering the password protected files can help a lot. Similarly Training your staff and any other attorneys with whom you may have links so that they are able to download required files easily should also ease things a lot.

Going in for a Paperless law office will actually enhance your efficiency to a large extent. It also in a way helps in saving your costs.

Cost saving can be achieved as:

  1. Room and equipment needed to store papers or files is reduced.
  2. The time required to file and retrieve paper document is reduced thereby saving cost.
  3. The cost of mailing documents is also reduced since you can easily email them.

Paperless law office pitfalls occur when you do not commit fully to becoming paperless. This means that your office is half paperless and half paper which results in people searching both the paper files and the network for the documents needed thereby wasting useful time.