Paperless Doctors Office and Medical Records

In today’s advanced times it is dream of every professional to have a paperless office as no one wants the hassle of storing files and doing things manually which is also a cumbersome task. But some professions require paperless office more than the others and one of them is the medical fraternity – Doctor’s office to be precise. Each doctor aspires to have a Paperless Doctor’s Office as they deal in prescriptions, Medical records, Charts, Lab reports , General Notes, bills etc on day today basis. So the ideal situation where the doctor can interact with the patient but not worry about the searching and checking the fat file of medical records of every patient and also the missing charts etc where the patients progress is mentioned.

With the advent of internet and information technology every industry has gained by the same especially the financial sector which has welcomed it with open arms and has made the work significantly easier and also paperless. But it has not been accepted with the same fervour in the medical industry, the reason being medical professionals deem it to be complex and feel it is expensive or some just do not know how and where to start, yet others feel confidentiality will not be maintained or some simply feel it’s not reliable enough. Awareness needs be introduced in a large scale to change the mindset.

Benefits of Paperless Doctors Office:-

  • Better Time Management – Quick access to patient’s Medical Records and details and time saved which used to go in searching previously can be put to constructive purpose.
  • Confidentiality – Paperless Medical Records of patients and other relevant Information can be kept in confidentiality and the right person can access the same with the use of unique password
  • Easy Communication – Doctors can communicate easily with colleagues, patients with email and can also communicate while travelling etc which is useful during emergency
  • Doctor’s illegible handwritings are known for. Now they can be legible if it is typed and printed out
  • Cabinets and storing space take lot of area in doctor’s office which costs money and the files maintenance also is tedious as dust, mosquitoes gather easily on old files. With electronic data available that won’t be necessary.


Tips for Paperless Doctors Office: Paperless revolution has been going on from quite some time and it is not possible to change the whole setup within a short period of time. Some useful tips which can help people in doing things differently will help a long way as sometimes even after introducing the electronic data system people do the same mistake of increasing the paper load.

  • Printing emails unless absolutely necessary is a big No-No
  • Xeroxing and taking copies only how much is required
  • More data to be printed in less pages thereby reducing paper usage to minimal
  • Documents and information should be shared via email or SMS etc and not by paper thereby reducing the paper usage by half.

Tips for maintaining paperless doctor’s office: If you have been thinking of going paperless but dilly-dallying the same then some useful tips may help you

  • Be firm and mark a date and time when you will start your process of going paperwork
  • Inform your patients, subordinates etc of your decision so that all will follow the rule and it will help in doing the work faster. Tell subordinates that they will rewarded if they follow this policy so that they will be motivated in maintaining the process.
  • Also keep a deadline by which time the paper files will be discarded so the automized process will take precedence and everyone will have no option but to upload the data online.
  • Keep some penalty for employees who are not following the paperless objective.

The benefits, tips and the overall effectiveness of going paperless may enable those who feel that it is a myth to work on it and hardworking professionals like doctors can reap the benefit of the same by adopting the Paperless Doctor’s Office system.